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EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organisations) is an organisation of leading specialised research and technology organisations (including the Fraunhofer Society, TNO, VITO and VTT). The EARTO members employ a total of approx. 150,000 research staff, record annual revenues of EUR 15 bln, serving over 100,000 clients a year. TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS is the first Polish EARTO member (since 2002).

EARTO’s objective is to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and social development through support of product, process and service innovation in all areas of the private and public sectors. The association’s activity includes development and publication of strategy documents, organisation of task forces and conferences, seminars and workshops. EARTO represents its members’ interests before European decision-making institutions. EARTO members are active in many influential European institutions, including  EURAB (European Research Advisory Board), Framework Programme Advisory Committees, and European Commission expert groups. The majority of significant R&D projects Europe are developed and performed by EARTO members.

Dr Tomasz Kośmider, the TPF President, is a member of the EARTO Board.

The TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Foundation served as co-organiser of the following EARTO Annual Conferences:

  • EARTO Annual Conference „Research To Business” (Warsaw, 2005); and
  • EARTO Annual Conference „Delivering the Innovation Union – The Essential Contribution of RTOs” (Warsaw, 2011).