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K4I – Knowledge4Innovationstrzaka


K4I (Knowledge4Innovation) is an independent non-profit platform of the European Parliament whose aim is to position knowledge and economic innovation issues among the top priorities of European institutions by proposing and supporting appropriate actions in the area of policy and strategy decision-making, shaping of European programmes and budgetary allocations. K4I was formed in response to the challenges arising from the need to acquire effective knowledge and innovation generation and management skills, necessary to increase Europe’s scientific and economic competitiveness.

K4I is an organisation that owes its character to its members (enterprises, associations, scientific research organisations) that are the leaders in their fields of activity and that represent different characteristics and methods of operation but are united by the common objective of promoting a knowledge and innovation based economy.

K4I operates through the Lisbon Forum, which was initiated by the European Parliament in December 2008 and which consists of representatives of the European Parliament and external advisors, including representatives of the K4I board. The forum organises meetings, conferences and round table discussions concerning issues of special significance to K4I and forum members.

Dr Tomasz Kośmider, the TPF President, is a member of the K4I Board.

The Technology Partners Foundation, as one of the founding members of K4I (2008), takes part in the organisational and programme preparations of the annual European Innovation Summits (EIS), organised by K4I at the European Parliament in Brussels. In recent years, TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS has organised the following events:

  • The “R&D Management & R&D Communications” panel discussion, held within the “Reshaping R&D for Excellence In Innovation” session of the 1st EIS, „Strengthening Europe’s Innovation Performance” (13-14 Oct. 2009).
  • The “Poland – An Important Driver of the Innovation Union” debate during the 2nd EIS, “Tackling the Grand Challenges – Policy meets Practice” (11-12 Oct. 2010).
  • Two sessions of the 3rd EIS, which was divided into two events – “RDI Strategies Tailored to National and Regional Contexts – Principles, Areas and Partners” (Warsaw, 10-11 Oct. 2011), and “Towards a European Innovation Eco-System” (Brussels, 12-13 Oct. 2011): 
    > “Operational Requirements and Delivery Mechanisms” (within “Policy Mix for Research and Innovation”), which was chaired by TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS European Office in Brussels President Richard Granger, who also led the 3rd EIS Summary Session, presenting the summit’s main conclusions and recommendations;
    > “RDI Strategies Tailored to National and Regional Contexts,” which was chaired by Prof. Klaus-Heinrich Standke, President, TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Office in Berlin and President, International Board of Experts.
  • The “Drivers and Enablers of Innovation – Implementation at Regional Level” panel discussion of the 4th EIS, “Building Bridges – Creating Synergies” (9-10 Oct. 2012); which was moderated by TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS European Office in Brussels President Richard Granger who also led the 4th EIS Summary Session, presenting the summit’s main conclusions and recommendations.
  • The “Towards a European Innovation Partnership in Transport” conference session of the 5th EIS, “Making Innovation Happen” (30 Sept.-2 Oct. 2013) which was chaired by Prof. Jerzy Buzek, former President of the European Parliament, and moderated by Richard Granger, President of the TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS European Office in Brussels (for more information, see Current events).