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The benefits to industrial enterprises from cooperation with the Technology Partners Foundation are as follows:

  • Rapid identification of Polish scientific research organisations with the competences and resources best able to satisfy the client’s research and development requirements;
  • Rapid preparation of complex multidisciplinary offers in response to the client’s request;
  • An attractive price – the special principles of cooperation with numerous scientific research organisations developed by Technology Partners enable it to offer prices lower than those attainable without its participation;
  • Lower time and effort related to project initiation and management:
    • The Technology Partners Foundation serves as the client’s single contact point, providing access to the resources of the entire Polish scientific research sector;
    • The Technology Partners Foundation takes on management and coordination of the work related with project performance, which is especially helpful to clients in the case of interdisciplinary projects involving multiple performers;
  • Increase the efficiency of administrative and contractual procedures – from the client’s point of view a project, even one involving numerous research organisations, is performed on the basis of a single contract with the Technology Partners Foundation, which assumes responsibility for the correct performance of the work.

The cooperation model offered by the Foundation is appreciated by its clients, which include such leading enterprises as Airbus and Solvay.

An additional advantage offered by the Technology Partners Foundation is its familiarity with the possibilities and procedures of acquiring industrial R&D funding from Structural Funds and Polish sources. The Foundation’s assistance not only provides clients with result-oriented R&D support, but also enables them to fund it from the available public sources.