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Consortium servicesstrzałka

The Technology Partners Consortium performs research and development work in the following areas:

Aeronautics and military aviation technologystrzałka
  • adaptronics,

  • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),

  • materials testing,

  • erodynamic, strength and non-destructive tests,

  • structure design,

  • space technologies,

  • avionics,

  • helicopters and rotary wing aircrafts,

  • IT support systems,

  • training systems and simulators,

  • communication and data transmission systems

Materials and surface engineeringstrzałka
  • materials, metals, new alloy and composite durability and processing,
  • pyro- and hydrometallurgical methods of reclaiming metal from ores and concentrates,
  • non-ferrous metal and other raw material processing,
  • tool materials and wear-resistant coatings,
  • structural testing of metals, sintered carbides and ceramic metals,
  • nanotechnology and new materials
Road, bridge and airport design and constructionstrzałka
  • road, bridge and airport design and construction,

  • new materials solution and advanced technology,

  • road network and transport infrastructure management systems,

  • road and bridgbe condition diagnostic methods,

  • traffic safety,

  • certification of products used for transport infrastructure construction.

Applied optics and laser technologystrzałka
  • optical microscopy,
  • holography,
  • optical data processing and image analysis,
  • gradient and fibre optics,
  • diffractive optical elements,
  • instrumental optics,
  • measurement techniques with the use of optical methods,
  • optical element production and control technology,
  • eyeglass lens certification
  • electronic technology, materials and equipment;
  • piezoelectronics;
  • printed circuit boards and surface assembly;
  • ultrasonic techniques;
  • computer equipment assembly technology;
  • technology process and measurement automation and computerisation
Machine and tool design and productionstrzałka
  • specialised machine tools,
  • noise and vibration testing,
  • machine tool, technical equipment, cutting and abrasive tools, technical fluid and manual mechanical tool certification
Metals and plastics processingstrzałka
  • non-ferrous metals processing,
  • production of sintered profiles of oxide powders and composites
Plastic forming, cutting and cutting technologystrzałka
  • heat processing of tools and machine elements,
  • deposition of protective, decorative and technical coatings (electrolytic, varnish, spray-on),
  • surface plastic forming,
  • cutting and abrasion technology (and specialised accessory software)
Logistics and warehousingstrzałka
  • logistics processes, cost analysis and standardization,

  • intermodal transport and intelligent transport systems,

  • supply chain management,

  • tracking and tracing systems,

  • optimization of distribution networks.

Environmental engineering and protectionstrzałka
  • clean technologies and waste management, processing and recycling
  • machine tool, instrumentation and technical fluid testing with respect to environmental safety