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About usstrzaka

Today’s economy poses high requirements of partners from the R&D sector. These concern primarily the interdisciplinary character of the services offered, appropriate competences and resources, as well as the rate and effectiveness of work performance. Open Innovation, the approach to knowledge management used ever more frequently by enterprises and research organisations in Europe and around the world, is characterised by an intensive development of research cooperation with many external providers simultaneously through, among others, creation of less formal network structures. In order to meet the expectations of industry and participate in the global innovation processes, the scientific research sector must become more open to new partners and a greater rate of activity.

In order to meet these challenges, in 2001 a group of research institutes specialising in diverse subject areas undertook the initiative of creating the Technology Partners Consortium.


Technology Partners Consortium main objectivesstrzaka
  • To increase the attractiveness of the offer for industrial clients by giving it an interdisciplinary character;
  • To make use of the synergy effect by combining competences as well as knowledge resources and equipment;
  • To intensify cooperation with foreign research organisations and their associations, as well as industrial clients;
  • Implementation of the best R&D management models.

The Technology Partners Consortium operates as a virtual institute whose coordinator and legal representative is the Technology Partners Foundation.

The members of the Technology Partners Consortium are eight research institutes, one university department and one SME. Together, they present the following potential:

  • 1500 scientific research staff;
  • 900 R&D projects performed annually;
  • Annual turnover of EUR 100 mln.