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Council Vice-President

TPF Founder

Professor and former Director of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Expert in molecular biology of plant viruses, industrial plant transformation, molecular genetics of yeasts, and biotechnology. Leader of the IBB group working on mitochondrial translation, expression of plant RNA virus genomes and viroids.

Former Chairman of the Science Division of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO and Polish Delegate to the Quality of Life Program Committee of the European Union.

Corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Art and Sciences (PAU), member of the Polish Biochemical Society and Polish Genetics Society.

Visiting and Associate Professor at University Paris VI, University Paris VII, Centre de Genetique Moleculaire CNRS, former Director of Research, Centre de Genetique Moleculaire CNRS.

Reviewer and supervisor of numerous PhD theses and projects.