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Scientific activity in the area of R&D managementstrzaka

The Technology Partners Foundation is one of the few research organisations in Poland specialising in R&D and innovation management.

The origins of this research date back to 1995 when the foundation’s current experts, then with the TMBK Partners consulting company, the representative of Arthur D Little in Poland, initiated the performance of a number of projects within the European Union-funded SCI-TECH Programmes. The projects’ participants included leading foreign experts representing renowned European academic centres and consulting companies.

The projects consisted of research and consultancy work related to the restructuring of Poland’s research and development sector and adapting it to market economy requirements. The work was carried out at the macro and the micro scale, on the one hand covering development of recommendations regarding changes in national R&D policy and on the other, working with selected R&D Institutes in which restructuring programmes were developed and implemented.

The Technology Partners Consortium, formed in 2001, and the Technology Partners Foundation, created in 2003, are the only Polish organisations to continue the research on R&D management initiated under those programmes, simultaneously testing the work’s results in practice. 

The Technology Partners Foundation has carried out numerous investment and research projects, including:

  • Database Information Platform for Effective Implementation of Research Results
    Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Activity 2.3 „Investments connected with development of IT infrastructure of science”, financed out of the European Regional Development Fund, 2009-2013
  • Analysis of factors promoting increased effectiveness of S&T sector-industry cooperation – Review of world best practice and studies of the conditions of its implementation in Poland
    Internal research project, 2009
  • The role of the science sector in increasing the level of Polish economic innovation
    Own research work commissioned by the Ministry of Science, 2008
  • Multidisciplinary Research Centres as a tool for improving research effectiveness
    Own research project, 2006-2007
  • Conceptual development and model implementation of various forms of implementation of research and development results
    Project commissioned within the PW-004 multi-sector programme, 2005-2008