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tel. (48-22) 658 36 07
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General informationstrzaka

TMBK Partners is a consulting company founded in 1992 as an organisation associated with the Arthur D. Little Inc. international consulting company, operating independently in cooperation with external experts since 1999. It specialises in management of R&D and technology transfer, also undertaking research and development work in cooperation with scientific organisations. TMBK Partners possesses an international network of contacts consisting of foreign experts in numerous areas of science and technology.

Since 2001, TMBK Partners has been operating the Office of the TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Advanced Technology Centre.

In 2016 TMBK Partners was one of the nominees for the Kryształowa Brukselka (Crystal Brussels Sprout) Award in the BUSINESS – SMEs category. The Award has been presented since 2001 for successful participation in the EU Framework Programmes and is intended to recognise researchers and entrepreneurs conducting international research and innovation activity and their contribution to Poland’s scientific and economic development.

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The TMBK Partners potential consistes of:

  • An original and tested approach to international multidisciplinary research project performance, management, and coordination.
  • Own tested methodology for increasing R&D activity effectiveness and competitiveness of research institutes.
  • Training tools and programmes focused on the needs of technology transfer process participants, developed with the use of the knowledge and experience possessed by the specialists cooperating with TMBK Partners
  • International network of experts, specialised scientific research organisations and strong industrial partners, covering numerous areas of science and the economy, as well as offices in Belgium and Germany.
Main areas of activitystrzaka

TMBK Partners performs work, including research relating to material technology, for numerous sectors of science and the economy, including the aeronautic industry, telecommunications, tourism, transportation and environmental protection.

Its activity covers multi-aspect support, consultancy services, training material development and training provision in the following areas:

  • Innovation strategy development and implementation.
  • Analysis of market demand for innovative products and solutions.
  • Enterprises' innovation potential management.
  • Technology transfer mechanism development and implementation.
  • R&D project management and coordination.
  • Preparation of project applications and coordination of institutes’ and enterprises’ participation in EU Framework Programmes and other international research and investment programmes.

A selection of projects performed by or in cooperation with TMBK Partners:

  • EU H2020 Research and Innovation Action "Open Access Pilot Plants for Sustainable Industrial Scale Nanocomposites Manufacturing based on Buckypapers, Doped Veils and Prepregs" (PLATFORM) – EU Horizon 2020
  • Feasibility studies of potential research projects in the area of materials and IT for AIRBUS
  • EU FP6 Co-ordination Action "Set-Up of a Market-Oriented Methodology for Joining SMEs within Integrated EU Research Projects on Innovative Clean and Environmental Technologies" (PRODESTS) – EU FP 6
  • EU FP6 Cooperative Project "Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite for Recyclable and High Performance Head Protection System" (PRO-HEAD) - EU FP 6
  • CRAFT-1999-72389 "Printed Circuit Boards with High Solderability Tin Coating for Lead Free Soldering" (PRINT) – CRAFT-type project, EU FP 5
  • CRAFT-1999-70982 "Development of Diesel Exhaust Gases Filtration Technology with Application of Fuel Additives Enabling Continuous Regeneration of Filters to Minimise the Particulate Emission of City Buses" (DIEXFIL) – CRAFT-type project, EU FP 5
  • PHARE SCI-TECH II PL9611.01.02 "Pre-accession Strategy " (for the Foundation for Polish Science / Committee for Scientific Research)
  • PHARE SCI-TECH II PL9611.02.03 "Institute restructuring and training " (for the Foundation for Polish Science / Committee for Scientific Research)

The projects carried out by TMBK Partners, including those performed within the Framework Programmes, aim at practical implementation of results by industry. The projects carried out in cooperation with TMBK Partners for AIRBUS have concerned development of specialised technical solutions in response to formulated technical and quality specifications and requiring knowledge from many areas of science and technology, as well as numerous complementary skills.

The main objective of the projects carried out by TMBK Partners within the PHARE programme was to develop and implement restructuring models and processes, and thereby to support the system reform of the Polish S&T sector. An additional objective was to provide training to institute management staff as well as to foster development of institutional technology innovation support systems, advice in this area and support of technology transfer to SMEs. 

TMBK Partners experts also take part in the work performed independently or in cooperation with other organisations by the TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Foundation, with which they cooperate closely and with which they have been involved since its establishment.